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Homemade Natural Soap
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Whether you're looking for all natural bath and body products, pet products or shelf stable food items, Mission to Micro Farming is dedicated to providing and honest source and honest price for the products you love most!

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Customer Reviews

Natural Soap Bars

Rita Gales, Ohio

Found you on Tik Tok. Ordered soap, shampoo, lotion, Thera Balm and egg noodles. I'm in love with the lotion, my hands feel so smooth! The Thera Balm is great! Can't wait to try everything else!

Melissa Wright, Fayetteville GA

I tried the chicken egg noodles and the duck egg noodles. They were both delicious. I loved them both!

B. Manns, Longtime Customer

I have YET to find melts that last as long as yours!! The smells are amazing! Also the lip balm. My allll time favorite Great Products w Great Service

B. Harless, Ohio

If you want soap that works great  and smells even better, get it right here! Doesn't leave your skin dry and itchy like some liquids will. Highly recommend!

Jennifer Waddle, Ohio

It is hard to pick a favorite product, but I would have to say the Thera-balm would definitely be right up there! Have been using it for years now, and still love it!!

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Rustic Loaf
Fresh Coffee Beans

A message to our supporters,

I don't know where we would be without our micro followers! You have been through this journey with us every step of the way and we truly feel we will never be able to express our gratitude! Your support is what keeps us going! We are making a difference together because you are a part of something with a vision to nourish the agricultural and small business community! So whether you purchase from us or you donate, you are helping the cause! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being a part of our family! 
~ Mission to Micro Farming

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